Sunday, April 20, 2008

CE Proves To Be Truly Rewarding

Working with our CE groups has proved to be a truly rewarding experience. A particular 'Ah-Ha' moment that stuck out for me was when we were talking about different types of community service projects the kids could create. Each student was throwing out different ideas of problems in our community when one student suggested the problem of not enough places to shop for designer clothes. Another student politely raised her hand and in the nicest way she possibly could, reminded her peers that we are trying to focus on community needs, not community wants. She proceeded to explain that while it would be nice to have more places to shop for designer clothes, that is not something that our community needs in order for the members to survive. Quite a few of the students, including the student that made the suggestion for more designers clothing stores immediately had that "Ah-ha" look on their faces and from then on out were able to successfully identify needs in the community instead of their personal wants.

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