Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Closing Out the Year and Looking Forward to the Next One

As we wind this year down, the Washington Reading Corps in the Bremerton School District is looking forward to several projects we are trying to complete.
  1. Community service projects-Armin Jahr and Naval Avenue are leading a group of Mountain View Middle School students in a curriculum that helps them design their own community service project. View Ridge and West Hills are working with a group of fifth-graders from West Hills to help them create and implement their own project, too. Updates on both of these projects will come soon.
  2. Cementing solid programs for next year-A large part of being successful in a school setting is establishing consistent programs that teachers and students can rely on each year. All of our focus is dedicated right now to making sure that each tutoring program we run is as solid as it can be so that the members and volunteers who will dedicate their time next year can be successful from the first day of the school.
  3. Family nights-Although there are less than three months of school left, the Washington Reading Corps is dedicated to making sure that families are involved in their children's learning at school. By providing parents with an opportunity to get involved, students can receive the support they need at home to improve in the classroom. Check out our calendar to see what events we have planned as we close out the year.
Yeah, to say the least, our work is cut out for us. We look forward to sharing what we're doing with you as we continue to strive toward the goal of providing the support that all our students need to be successful.

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