Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Winding Down

Well, it's been quite the year here at Naval Avenue.

We've tutored more than 100 students. We've put on family nights. We've hosted several community service events, from our Martin Luther King Jr. Day Career and Job Recruitment event -- more than 60 people attended and more than 10 organizations and college representatives were there -- to our work with middle school students, helping them come up with their own community service project. They decided to design a Website to address the issue of domestic violence in Bremerton. We spent more than two months with the 18 students, going through all the steps it takes to design a successful community service project.

We've got 17 days left, and many of us are going on to other things, but there's no doubt that we have all been impacted by our time tutoring students and working to better the Bremerton community. Some of us will continue to work in the schools here, and some of us are moving to other states to continue our work in community development and education.
Whatever it is that we will be doing in the future, hopefully the difference we've made in the students' lives will be felt for years to come.

Photo credit: Corporation for National and Community Service

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